Daoud’s Fine Jewelry Luxury Watches

At Daoud’s Fine Jewelry, we are proud to offer our clients an exquisite and extensive selection of pre-owned luxury watches. Within our robust inventory, you will discover pre-owned Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Chopard, Breitling and other exclusive brands.

Each pre-owned watch that we offer is carefully inspected and authenticated. Then, each watch is repaired and restored by our highly-trained team of luxury watch repair experts, so that each selection is offered in like-new condition. Daoud’s also presents pre-owned watches for both men and women.

We also offer a large selection of new Timepieces for Philip Stein and Kingsley.


The most obvious benefit of purchasing a pre-owned luxury watch is the incredible savings that can be enjoyed. A pre-owned timepiece can offer savings well above 50%, when compared to retail. In this manner, you can choose to pocket the extra savings or you can purchase a luxury model that would otherwise be beyond your means.

In addition, purchasing a watch from a pre-owned timepiece specialist can provide you with a more extensive selection. This can include limited edition watches and models that have long been discontinued. These are items that you would never find in an authorized retail store that only sells new watches.

So whether you’re interested in a pre-owned Rolex or wish to purchase a Patek Philippe, you will find precisely what you’re looking for at Daoud’s extensive pre-owned watch collection.

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