Rubber Band

The Ultimate Rubber Strap

The name RUBBER B is synonymous with uncompromising quality. We are proud to be the first company to design a customized range of vulcanized rubber straps which are constructed to perfectly fit specific Rolex watch models, opening the door to individuals and sports enthusiasts who may be looking for a unique alternative to metal bracelets and leather straps.
Our high caliber straps are made in Switzerland, and incorporate the original Rolex Deployment Buckle into their design. This allows the owner to have the flexibility and customization of a rubber strap without compromising the classic, distinctive beauty that their Rolex watch represents.
Rolex on Rubber B strap

We are a Retailer of Rubber B Swiss-Made products for Rolex, Panerai and other luxury watch brands. Full selection in stock now, priced from $220-$280.
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